It’s about time currency benchmarks kept pace with the changing world. The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index offers a real time measure of the greenback against a diversified, dynamic basket of emerging and developed market currencies. And we also provide currency benchmarks for two key growth markets – Latin America and Asia.

Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index

The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index (BBDXY) tracks the performance of a basket of leading global currencies versus the U.S. Dollar. Through its dynamically updated composition, and its diversified representation of a breadth of currencies that are important from trade and liquidity perspectives, it provides a better measure of the U.S. Dollar as compared other indexes that do not update their composition and are comprised of a handful of currencies with concentrated weights.

The index rebalances once a year to capture annual trading flows versus the U.S. dollar as reported by the Federal Reserve, and the triennial survey of most liquid currencies from the Bank of International Settlements. Selection and weightings of index constituents are driven by both trading and liquidity.

Current Bloomberg users can run BDXY <GO> on the Bloomberg Professional service to view the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index.

BBDXY Currency Image

Asian and Latin American Currency Indexes

Bloomberg, in association with JP Morgan, produces key measures of Asian and Latin American currencies, ADXY and LACI, respectively. These are spot indexes of the most actively traded currency pairs valued against the U.S. dollar. Index composition is based primarily on trade weights, with an added filter for liquidity that keeps the index updated with macro and market trends.

ADXY Currency Image

LACI Currency Image

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